Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Time to Celebrate!

Last week I needed two birthday cards for two men -- and I wanted them to be focused on FUN and to be bright and happy.  These men are not family but are very important to me non the less so I really spent some time on these two cards. I enjoyed every second of every hour that I worked.

I"m proud of both cards and would love to share them here.

The first card is what is know as a Z fold -- the card opens like a Z on it's side... so at first you see the complete front, and a partial view of the inside.

Then you see the inside as you open the card and leave it on display. That's the view shown below.  The lower half of the front of the card stands out from the fold line so that the Dragon  (Sweet Pea Stamps) stands out off the card.  I used a piece of plastic from a box to create and support the balloon which appears to be floating in air... and when the card is opened or closed it moves which is a really cool and fun thing!

 I was attracted to the Sweet Pea line because I already owned from years and years ago some fun images that would work with their dragon.  There's no info. on the fishy balloon stamp but I really thought it would merge well with the Dragon.

Then what's a Dragon without a Wizard????  This Wizard is an oldie but oh so loved!  The company that created this wizard, Visual Imagine Printery is no longer around.

I enjoyed creating this card very much as it allowed me to add a bit of scenic stamping -- I got to create a floor for the wizard to stand on and the Dragon I anchored with a bit of a grassy area.

Painting in the Dragon with my Copics was a blast!  Since no one on earth can tell me what color a Dragon should be, I just played! I stamped him first in black Memento ink then ran the image (I stamped 10 0f him!) thru my Brother ScanNCut machine and "OH he's so cute!". Then I brought him to life with my Copics and glitter.    I' also painted up a girl Dragon in pinks... as I have plans to create a card for a friend's little granddaughter.
My Wizard is really neat.. I love how he holds up a blank sign which allows me to use him for many different reasons.  Who knows, one day he might find you!
If you've never seen a card like this and are wondering where a person message would go I tend to put mind inside the center of the card, just behind the first image you'd see. On this card it's behind the Dragon.

Thanks for stopping by, sure hope you enjoyed the card and will leave a comment so I know you were here.

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Have a great day!

Cara Febe


  1. I have to share.... when this card was complete I was a little disappointed in how the balloon floated in the air. I felt I slipped and attached it too close to the left side of the card.

    I did not THINK to move the balloon slightly to the right, to even try, to see if there was enough give to get the balloon floating up and leaning towards the right.

    However on Sunday when I gave the card to the birthday 'boy' we were able to slide the balloon towards the right allowing the ceiling fan to blow the balloon around.

    Let me say this 'IT WAS VERY COOL!"


  2. Febe...love the card... very cool indeed!