Sunday, January 17, 2016

Jan. 17, 2016

Practice makes perfect... and while I'm far from perfect I am getting better- with my ScanNCut.

I stamped up 9 snowmen the other day, then had the machine do the cutting for me... it took a total of 3 minutes to stamp and scan and cut!  Unreal.

So here are the snowmen stamped up:
 The stamped image is from My Favorite Things and is acrylic not rubber but stamped up beautifully with a Memento's ink pad.  The image did not have that line across the bottom. It was left open, and I drew that in so the machine would know where to cut.  I"m learning the machine needs to see lines that continue to flow to cut correctly.

So 9 images on one sheet of cardstock by SU.
Here's the cut photo:

You can see how well the shapes are cut out.
here's my pile of cut snowmen!

Again, stamping and scanning then cutting... 3 minutes!!  Can't do that by hand.  Now, here's the last photo: then colored up ready to use snowmen!

Now isn't that just the coolest invention?!?!?!

Some of these snowmen will be used for Feb. cards this year and a few may be used for Holiday cards later on.  I'll know more once I go into the studio and create.

:) Next up with my new 'toy' is to get it drawing for me.  LOL

Yep, it draws too.!

Thanks for stopping by. Please let a comment if you like, let me know you're out there.

:) Cara Febe Giaquinto

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  1. WOW. I am so glad you are learning fast on your SNC2. It is encouraging to me, another SNC2 beginner. Fabulous snowmen!