Friday, January 27, 2017

I completed a fun birthday card the other day that I'd like to share here and store here so I can revisit it in the future.  

I never was one to make a copy of a card for myself to keep. I made a card, I sent the card out.
I figured I enjoyed creating the card and that was good enough.

Now, looking back over my stamping life I realize there were cards I wish I had a photo of at least.  Cards that were made for special reasons, special people.  But as we grow older sadly we lose friends and family and with them, our art.

So lesson learned, photograph anything you love that you made and store it away for viewing again later on.

While the person may be gone, the art you made them can remain alive. Warming your heart when you think of the loved one lost.

So here's a special birthday card I made, that I love, and enjoyed creating.

Here's the card closed.

Then opened!  Just love how the balloons on wires stand out from the card.

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Cara Febe

Thursday, January 26, 2017

oops I forgot the side view!


I forgot to add the side view so you can see the 3-D layers better.

Again, thanks for stopping by!

:) Cara Febe

New year... new art.

It's a new year and a good time to give this blog another go.

I've been busy creating some -- what I think!-- are nice cards for some friends that do not belong to or are involved in my online crafting groups.  So in order to be able to share them, I'm posting them here for others to enjoy.

We've had a cold and wet snowy winter so far.  First it was the snows at Christmas time and now in mid to late January we've had snow, rain, hail, and finally ice!  Soon I hope the sun will shine and I'll be inspired to stamp up some floral cards.

Here's a card created last week while it snowed and rained on and off for two days.
While it never amounted to much, I stayed indoors just the same.

This is the first version of the card I did.  While the snowbank is layered, it's flat. I did not go 3-D and I placed the inside sledding gal up high enough to be seen over the snow banks.

I used clear plastic with white specks on the front layer so that the viewer can see beyond the snowbanks to what's going on inside the card.  To complete this version I used glittery snowflake stickers and rhinestones in the center.

Here's an up close peek at the inside: 
I added a few more snowflakes to the inside and used a designer paper that matched the front papers .. this was perfect for my little gal to sled ride on.  I put a personal note on this card just writing below the blades of the sled.

Then I did another card, just about the same... only this time I did 3-D the layers.

 For this version of the card not only did I 3-D the layers, I used an iridescent card stock so that it picked up on the violet of the main characters' outfit.  I punched out snowflakes to match and completed them with rhinestones.  This time I also 'hid' the sledding girl further down behind the snowbank.  

These  were fun cards to create for two special friends in my life.  

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Enjoy your day.

Cara Febe