Monday, March 28, 2016

Creating a Whisky Jug Card for a swap required some learning on my part

Wow! Time flies... I promised myself I'd do better at posting here back in Jan., and here it is already the end of March. Where did this time go?

I've gotten so much better using my scanNcut and really enjoy it.  I highly recommend it to any crafter-- it's that wonderful!

At this point in time I'm learning how to take a graphic off the net and in brother's Canvas program (free!) flip it from a jpg to a svg cut file.  I recently did it for a card I had to make for a state swap-- One of the groups I'm in features a different US state each month and for Feb. it was the state of Tennessee.

After doing some research on the state I decided that I'd make a Whiskey jug booklet.
Once I had a drawing of a jug I had to upload it to Canvas and change it to a cut file, then make several and join together so in the end I could fold it up like an accordion and turn it into a booklet.

 Then I needed to learn how to take the new file and make it just a wee bit smaller so that I'd have a place to decorate and stamp on, yet it would leave a green border.

You can see how the white cardstock is cut perfectly to fit into the bottle and to create a insert for each side of the green bottle I just flipped my file over in Canvas and then it was cut with the right side of the paper facing in the correct position.
 On one piece of 8.5x11 cardstock I was able to cut 4 inserts by laying them pretty close together.  As you can see very little paper was wasted.  THAT alone is a wonderful thing!

Once enough of the white jugs were cut out I was able to lay out my stamping designs based on the anecdote about the state of TN that I read on one of their tourist web sites.


After all the stamping was done, I added color and then put my sections together.

This inviting cabin sits on the left bank of the waterway.  The Gentleman that lives there loves to take an early morning paddle around the lake.  Often times his wife remains home enjoying the quiet time getting some crafting done.

 Across the lake lives his good friend and some mornings he's out on the lake just before him. They pass each other as one begins his rounds, and the other ends his.  His cabin is smaller, and he always says when he finds a good crafter he can make his own he'll add on a room or two.

Further down stream often times the public comes to enjoy a day in the great outdoors.  Horse back riding, fishing, or just taking a walk everyone can find something to do in TN.  It's a beautiful state and a great place to vacation or live and raise a family enjoying nature and all that it offers.

The Boys Scouts enjoy a day of hiking the trails and learning to fish in the rivers and streams.

Sporting dogs abound as the water fowl are abundant! 

The complete card/booklet when put together and opened looks like this:

The front cover, which I forgot to take a photo of says

Gentleman Jack
Pure Tennessee Whiskey
Est. 2014

I named my whiskey jug as such because in 2014 my friend came to visit and met my Springer named Jack when he was just 6 months old.  I thought she would get a kick of the name.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed my art and my little story.
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Hint: I just completed and mailed another big stamping project to a friend, and I plan to 
upload it here as well, just as soon as She gets it!  

:) Have a great day!

Cara Febe Giaquinto 


  1. I love all the scenes you created. Great job!

  2. Thank you Michele! I think you'll really enjoy the next card I"m posting to share later this week... stayed tuned! :)