Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Celebrations continue

This birthday card really was a blast to make!  First off I used stamps a friend brought over one day...  these little monsters are so cute and at first, I'll admit I didn't think I'd find a reason to use them more then once. But oh, gosh, after I completed this card the other day I went online to My Favorite Things stamps and ordered myself the set.  I just couldn't see myself living my life without the Monsters there.  And I already believe I'll be using them for another little girls card.... :)

OK, this card is a interactive card. Meaning when the recipient opens the card it moves -- I mean, it MOVES... The card pops open and pivots around at the same time.  Really exciting to see.

Enough said , let's have a look!

The card closed. Primary colors went perfect with the images.

I tried to slowly open the card, holding it with a tweezers so that you may get the feel of how it begins to move.  The inside panels you see now are lifting up off the bottom of the card and starting to open.

 As I lift the top up higher the inner panels continue to move and begin to stretch outward from left to right.
Isn't this just the coolest??? 

A fully opened view:
I had so much fun creating this pop up and twist card that I forgot to take photos before I wrote a simple birthday greeting inside.

I am looking forward to giving both these two cards away next week... and I really can't wait to see the reactions as they are opened.

Hope you enjoyed, as always feel free to leave a comment so I know you stopped by.

:) Cara Febe


  1. Awesome cards. Love the opened card. Thanks for showing us. Gail

  2. Thanks Gail! Glad you like it.. enough to come for a lesson???

    LOL :)

  3. What a fun card! Love the cute monsters

  4. Thanks so much for stopping by Michele. I love that you did.

    Hugs, Febe