Sunday, January 17, 2016

Jan. 17, 2016

Practice makes perfect... and while I'm far from perfect I am getting better- with my ScanNCut.

I stamped up 9 snowmen the other day, then had the machine do the cutting for me... it took a total of 3 minutes to stamp and scan and cut!  Unreal.

So here are the snowmen stamped up:
 The stamped image is from My Favorite Things and is acrylic not rubber but stamped up beautifully with a Memento's ink pad.  The image did not have that line across the bottom. It was left open, and I drew that in so the machine would know where to cut.  I"m learning the machine needs to see lines that continue to flow to cut correctly.

So 9 images on one sheet of cardstock by SU.
Here's the cut photo:

You can see how well the shapes are cut out.
here's my pile of cut snowmen!

Again, stamping and scanning then cutting... 3 minutes!!  Can't do that by hand.  Now, here's the last photo: then colored up ready to use snowmen!

Now isn't that just the coolest invention?!?!?!

Some of these snowmen will be used for Feb. cards this year and a few may be used for Holiday cards later on.  I'll know more once I go into the studio and create.

:) Next up with my new 'toy' is to get it drawing for me.  LOL

Yep, it draws too.!

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:) Cara Febe Giaquinto

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Happy New Year

January 11, 2016

It's been awhile since I posted.  Alot has happened in our lives and now that it's getting leveled out I hope to get back into posting and sharing.

I recently got a Brother ScanNCut2 machine that can scan in anything (flat) and then cut it out.
This is major!

It's been a few years now that I stopped using Xacto knifes in the Studio as well as doing detailed cutting in my crafting.  The Scan N Cut allows 'me to cut' again.  To create 3-D cards by means of layering cut images.  This is major!!! 

Currently I am just learning the machine, it's buttons and how it works.  Several gals I know have one so there's a ton of information sharing going on, but the best teacher is experience and discovery.  

Here's a sample of two images I colored in last night and had the machine cut for me.
I did go over the outline of the images with a black Copic Multi Liner pen # 1 or # 8.
I believe it's helping the scanner pick up the outline better.  I like a detailed cut on the line which is the way I used to cut out my images... most gals seem to enjoy the use of the border button.  Yes, you can select how thick a border you would like and the machine gives it.

Here's the detail cutting:

If you'll take notice of the right side of the snowman, LOOK! even his little branch arm was cut for me!  :) Woo hoo!

I'm not 100% sure why the snow on the left image was deleted, or not seen, and yet the snow on the right image was seen and left in.  I need to continue to learn.   I'll have plenty of opportunity right now too as I'm working on cards for RAKS and February birthdays, the first step, getting enough snow throwing gals cut out and ready to mount.

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Cara Febe Giaquinto