Sunday, October 4, 2015

Needing more time? R E T I R E !

OK, if you are retired, you're laughing already.

Retirement doesn't really give you more time-- no sooner does the alarm clock stop waking you up for work then your inner body wakes you up.. and then it's time to fill the hours.

A friend and I were emailing about this just today, and then I recalled a card I made a few years back for my banker that was retiring.  I'd love to share it with you today since to me it's relevant.

 The flower image is by Stampendous and one of my favorites as far as Roses go.   I think this was my first step into hinged cards.. and boy did I love it!

Creating a hinged card with these types of dies really showcases their beauty.  To learn more about hinged cards check out :

I picked yellow as my color due to it's meaning which you can read about here:

Allow me to share with you some photos from my gardens....  the yard and it's wonders are also a passion of mine.

Our yard is built into a mountain and the retaining wall wraps around 100 feet.  The wall itself is about 3.5 high, then the slope is covered with rocks... it's this wall you're seeing in the photos here.  On the base of the wall I grow flowers and herbs.  There are some plants that return each year and then each spring I plant different flowers to bloom till late Fall.  Come early Nov. I clear the garden out and shut down the automatic watering system.

I begin again in late March planting flowers. In May, the veggie garden comes to life. 

Tonight we'll be eating these two guys.... YUM!  And if you look hard, you can find a green tomato or two in the background.  Next weekend I plan to rip the garden down, so anyone not ripe, or on their way, head off to the trash.  This year I can not let the garden continue till the end of October.  I'm needed elsewhere.

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Cara Febe Giaquinto