Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Jack's Travels

A week or so ago a friend and I were down in the big city and we had my Jack with us.

Here's a photo I have to share:

He seems to be thinking his head is heavy as he rests it on the window sill.  Funny guy.  All my other dogs curled up on the seat and slept while the vehicle moved along the highways.

But not Jack. Oh no, he's got his own way of traveling, take a peek!

Here's his left side.  He's sound asleep here.

Now, for the right side:

This is Jack's normal position in my car.. here we're in my friends big SUV, and if you look at Jack's butt you'll see my husband has a hand on Jack... just a tiny bit of support.  His front legs you'll see that the leg in back, along the seat is bent at the knee (we don't see this) however we do see his paw is slightly raised off the seat.

Jack's a hoot.

Thanks again for stopping in to visit and enjoy the photos.
Leave a comment below if you like-- let me know you were here!

:) Cara Febe


  1. Awww your Jack is so cute! Doggies are the best companions and can entertain us with their antics. Amazing that he is able to sleep in that position!

  2. We are so blessed and lucky to share our lives with dogs!