Friday, January 27, 2017

I completed a fun birthday card the other day that I'd like to share here and store here so I can revisit it in the future.  

I never was one to make a copy of a card for myself to keep. I made a card, I sent the card out.
I figured I enjoyed creating the card and that was good enough.

Now, looking back over my stamping life I realize there were cards I wish I had a photo of at least.  Cards that were made for special reasons, special people.  But as we grow older sadly we lose friends and family and with them, our art.

So lesson learned, photograph anything you love that you made and store it away for viewing again later on.

While the person may be gone, the art you made them can remain alive. Warming your heart when you think of the loved one lost.

So here's a special birthday card I made, that I love, and enjoyed creating.

Here's the card closed.

Then opened!  Just love how the balloons on wires stand out from the card.

 Thank you for stopping by and please, feel free to leave a comment so I know you were here.

Cara Febe

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful card Febe!!
    Glad you share on your blog.
    Happy to be the recipient of this lovely card. I am admiring in person as I write this note :)