Thursday, September 3, 2015

Tag from Judy N. in July 2015
Sept. 3, 2015

Summer Tag Turn Around Swap Part Two.

A few days ago I shared with you the tag I made and sent out in July that then was turned into a card and sent back to me in August.  This was a fun and wonderful swap held on the Stamping Queens group I belong to.

Earlier today the gal that I had to return a tag too received her card I made in the mail, so I feel free to share what I did now.

The tag I received in July was a two part tag of which I have to describe as the photo has up and disappeared.  So, here goes!

The larger tag had a phrase on it, a quote from a child I think and there was a pocket which had another smaller tag tucked inside.  The stamped image was a young boy with a frog.  The artist was Judy N. and she did a great job and inspired my creativity.

I decided that since Judy put a great deal of thought into her tag for me, I'd do the same in the card I created.

Here's the front view of the card I made:

 My dancing "Frog-a-rina" was colored with Copics and I stamped onto the patterned paper the words "A card for you...ribbit open!".....  I must tell you this all gave me a big smile to create.

Since I began with a 4x12 sheet of green card stock I folded the card in three sections.  This front piece with my dancing frog was singular.  The remaining two sections were folded over creating a pocket in which I then slipped the original tag into.

As the card is opened you see on the left side the following saying:

May the light always find 
you on a dreary day.
When you need to be home, 
may you find your way.
May you always have courage
to take a chance.
And never find frogs
in your underpants. 

On the right side is where the pocket is for the original tag to slip in... you can see it sticking out a bit here... and the fibers Judy N. used to embellish her tag with are exposed when the card is either open or closed.  Which looked great as it gave a hint of wonder to the card.

Here's a close up of the frog hanging on the line.... I used a sticker of a frog's head over the stamped image.. it was just too much fun to do so, how could I not?  I brushed on a coating of Clear Wink of Stella to give the frog's face some sparkle.  It's doesn't show up here, but it was nice looking!

To complete the card I went back to the original idea of a tag.  I created the look of a ribbon with the use of the patterned background paper and slipped it into the tag's slots to secure it all to the card.


 This was a fun and creative swap and I'm glad I took part in it.  I hope you've enjoyed viewing this card and the others and invite you to leave a comment or two.    

When the photo of the tag Judy N. created is found I'll add it to this page and update any followers. tag from Judy N. July 2015 

I'm new to this blogging stuff, but if I did it right, you can click on the above underlined words and it should take you to see the tag Judy made me, and that is hidden in this card.



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  1. Very cute! I have that saying about the frog in the underpants. Makes me laugh everytime I see it! I think I have only used it a couple of times in all the years I have had it