Saturday, September 5, 2015

Holiday Card making begins in July

Sat. Sept. 5, 2015

Today I took a break from making holiday cards for Dec. 2015 and switched gears to work on Halloween.  I'm teaching a friend how to create a pop up card and so far today we only got our 'insert' done.. or begun depending on how much more we do to it.  I'm not sharing the card yet.. you have to wait. Sorry.

However, when my friend left I took out my box of already completed Holiday cards and counted that I have only 23 done so far... I need another 35-40 cards this year...  guess I better get back to work, huh?

Meanwhile I thought I'd share some of my cards with you right now...

Here's a grouping of 6 cards for Christmas.  Despite how many I make, there's always another idea that pops into my head.  I never get tired or bored of a layout.  My biggest problem in the end is WHO gets WHICH???    I've taken a few up-close shots so you can enjoy them better or see them better to ask a question if you like.  I welcome them. :)

This gal up on top was fun... I had a few friends over two weeks ago and one gal had the mulberry paper but wasn't sure what to do with it... that's how this card came about.  I showed the ladies how to wet down the mulberry paper and then gently tear it so that it left fibers...which later on I applied glitter glue to.  That's the bit of sparkle you may see.

This is an easel card and I enjoyed adding the snowflakes on strings so that they wiggle and move about as the card is lifted up and slipped behind the "Happy Holidays" button I created from a sticker.  I love the sparkle that glitter paper adds to a card, and there's no better place for it then on a Christmas Card!
I've enlarged this card so much so that perhaps you can see better the finer details.  I have this acetate with white dots on it....  I used it as an overlay over the stamped and colored image so that it looks like snow is falling over the girl and the penguin.  I think it adds such a nice touch.  I only wish I knew where I bought it-- so I could share. It's a few years old and I'm sorry I don't know anymore.  I also used a scrap of embossed snowflakes to add more dimension, as well as the punched out flakes, the rhinestones and the silvery sparkly fibers.  All in all, so far, this is one of my top 5 cards that I've made this year already. The snowman card with the teal leaves is also a favorite as well as the door card.  That one i made yesterday and just love it!   I hope you enjoy them all.
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Cara Febe Giaquinto


  1. Love them and especially the acetate one. I have not seen acetate with tiny white dots on it. I have seen huge dots and that just would not work! LOL. I am so far behind. I always have my cards done by August and I have not started. Have the parts cut out for the ones I send out in bulk but that is all. Haven't had time! I need to have a few more hours in the day!

  2. You have a nice start on your blog.