Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Pocket Letter Cards are really just ATCs put in a sleeve... but are they?

One of the recent swaps I joined in Stampers of the USA group was a Pocket Letter Swap.
If you don't know what they are there is a ton of information out there on the web but basically it's a collection of 9  2.5x3.5 cards that are slipped into a plastic protection sleeve.  On the flip side of the collection of art most folks put little trinkets-- some examples are items you'd craft with, or sticks of gum, tea bags, chocolate...  the list is endless and limited only buy the size of the sleeve opening..  AND what you wish to spend to mail the finished piece.

For this project I decided to show the person I was mailing the pocket letter too more about me, who I am, where I came from.. to focus on the two states I have called home.  New York and Arizona.

 I"m from Long Island, NY.  Grew up at the beach, on the water, in the back yard, pools and BBQs all summer long.
It was a great place to be raised and I have a ton of fond memories.  I met and married my husband there.  

Years later after crossing the country three times in an RV over a years time we settled down in the Grand State of AZ.
We tried different areas of the state.  First Casa Grande, then Mesa, then we left for a short  while and lived in Indiana.

But Arizona had dug her roots into me and back we came.

 There's no place I've ever been that has such beautiful sunsets.  We spent some time in New Mexico, where it's often said that the sky's beauty is unmatched.  But to me, it's the AZ sunsets I love watching over the mountains.  Love the colors and the patterns in the sky.  The shadows the mountain casts below as the Sun silently slips behind them. 
All this pulled at my heart strings.   I had to return to AZ.  And here I am!

But those memories of Long Island remain still, and are dear to my heart.  

So this Pocket Letter is filled with 9 card fronts and 6 backs that have art work too.  Then three tell a story about me.

I did not take photos of all... as I wanted the person that I created this form to have something that is just for her eyes
 only.  If she chooses to share it with the group we belong to, that will be up to her.  BUT here, I wanted to share some of it with you.
I enjoyed making this project, first, for the person it is going to, and secondly because I love stamping scenes and do not get to do that too often anymore. 

This card here on the left, reminds me of a 'smelter' that sits near  the highway just a few miles east of me.  I"m not sure what the remains in this card are.. but it looks like the broken and abandoned smelter on the highway.  I'm sure its really some old adobe blding of some sort.

Here's Long Beach... NY.  LOL Not really, but it sure makes me think of the beach and the boardwalk and the times the family went to enjoy the boardwalk. 

There were rides there, like a carnival.. but always there on the boardwalk.  And stores, but not stores, places to go play games... I remember one my brothers and i loved... you rolled the ball up the board and it went into a maze then round and round till it slipped into a hole... points were awarded and the machine gave you tickets.  You'd collect them and hand them in for prizes.  Mom saved up all our winning tickets all summer long and then just before school began in Sept. we got to pick a prize at the boardwalk and cash in those tickets.

That area is long gone, apts. and condo's now.  And no place for today's children to make and grab memories like I have.  

Well, I hope you enjoy the art I've shared, as well as a walk thru my past.

Thanks for stopping by, and please, leave a comment so I know you were here! :)

Enjoy your day.

Cara Febe 

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