Thursday, August 20, 2015

Marbled Eye Jack at 9 weeks old 6/2014

After waiting over a year for our new Springer pup to be born and ready to come home, finally mid June, 2014, Jackie came home.  This photo was taken in the car while he laid in my lap which explains why his little bitty nose was chopped off-- as I was the one taking the photo!

Despite the loss on the cute nose, this has become a favorite photo of mine because it's the best photo of his tri -color eye.  

Today, August 20, 2015 I'm starting this blog more for myself then any other reason.  I enjoy the art of card making with my art rubber stamps and often times create a card I just don't want to give away.  Instead, I want to hold on to them and share them with my friends, or even just admire them myself for a longer time period.  

Yet I can't.  I create the cards for friends and family and for the exchanges in the groups I"m apart of.  I have to give them up.
So I'm hoping this blog will allow me to keep my cards a bit longer, while still mailing them out to be enjoyed by someone else in person, as I have enjoyed them here at home.  

I'd also like to share with others some of the beautiful cards I receive from others.  Think of is as visiting a museum of friendship, and like a museum of art you get to look.......
but not touch. ;)

So if you're reading this, please enjoy, and enjoy too my Marbled eye Jack as I'm sure his photos will  pop up here too every so often. 

Cara "Febe" Giaquinto


  1. It worked! Jack is just a baby! I have my puppy Lucy but she is soon to be 7. We are quite a team. Always together and usually she is on my lap. I am anxious to see what you share on your blog. It looks wonderful!!

  2. Thanks Sheri for ALL your HELP today!! Without you're blog this one would not be. You are so inspirational to me.

    Jack is now 16 months old but continues to act like a young pup.

    How cool it is your girl is named Lucy. My dh and I were expecting a female pup and her name would have been Lucie Goosie!